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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 9, My not-so-Amazing Race

The following takes place on December 6, 2010

“Flight 3856, Toronto to Atlanta is currently delayed 1 hour. Thank you.”

Not what I wanted to hear right when I got through security. Especially considering my connection in Atlanta was tight as is. But maybe this is fate, considering my favorite television show is The Amazing Race.

I just don’t have a partner. And sadly Phil Koeghen and his eyebrow would not be waiting for me.

A few years ago, I competed in the Outgames in Montreal with a few friends. That was my first journey on my own by flying. Flying internationally was an experience in and of itself. Waking up in the hotel room, making sure I had everything(including my passport), eating the last piece of pizza leftover from the night before, and saying goodbye to Greg all culminated in Marc driving meToronto Airport through the beginnings of a blizzard to the terminal at the Toronto International Airport.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have friends like them? Even though this was the first time meeting them in person, I already felt those strange pains in my chest of missing them.

Getting checking in, and going through US customs was a breeze. Seriously, I don’t know what so many people complain about. I mean, I can see why they suggest you arrive a couple hours before your flight. It takes a while going from line to line, but if you’re at least ready at each station, you go through very fast.

After a little bit of nervousness caused by the flight to Atlanta being delayed about an hour,Atlanta Airport I was off on the first flight. It ended up leaving only half an hour late and landing five minutes early. So much for running my own Amazing Race. Finding my next gate was relatively easy. Hop a subway car from the terminal I landed in to go to the terminal I leave from. And sit.

And wait.

That flight from Atlanta to Lima, Peru was really nice. About 6 and a half hours, but with each seat having its own TV, the time went by fast. I ended up watching Knight and Day, as well as an episode of House and Glee. The rest of the time was spent playing Inflight Trivia(which I won 4 out of the 5 games I played.

I landed in Lima just after midnight. After getting my bags, I wandered through customs with ease. Stepping into the lobby was my first real situation I felt really unsure of myself. People were everywhere holding signs with names and yelling. Taxi drivers kept coming up to me saying “Taxi? Taxi?”. Eventually, after scanning the crowd and looking completely overwhelmed I saw a sign with my name on it. A coworker back home, Saul, had got his brother to come pick me up and let me stay with him.

A quick, and rather insane drive, through Lima and we were at his place. I was shown to my room and I laid down. My last thoughts before I fell asleep were What the hell am I doing?

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  1. I'm so glad you made it safely. I know that moment in Lima airport... only my driver wasn't there. :( It was no fun at all.
    And it's awesome that you have people to stay with! I think it's a great idea to ease yourself into your Amazing Race. :)