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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 6-8, Friendship Drinking Game

The following takes place between December 3 and December 5, 2010

My last three days in Canada. My last three days in North America. What better way to spend it but with a couple guys that I’ve been privledged to get to know that past year. It would mean a ton of time in vehicles traveling each day, but in the end, it was completely worth it. And it made this last weekend an absolute blast.

And, ladies and gents, take out your shot glasses! Every time the word friend is mentioned, take a shot(it makes sense, in context)!

After walking to the bus station the day before, and knowing how heavy my bag is, I opted to spend the $3 in change I had and take the bus. It was a quick ride, but I still managed to make quick friends(SHOT!) with a soldier who asked about my backpack.

With memories of VIA Rail still in my head, I was kinda sad to see my Greyhound bus to be completely full. No stretching out for me. It certainly made the five and a half hour bus ride a bit less enjoyable. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be praying for such bus rides in a few weeks time.

Arrive Toronto and was very happy to see my friend(SHOT!) Marc already at the bus station waiting for me. As we thought we had just over an hour before the next Toronto City HallGO-Train to Burlington was scheduled to leave, we wandered downtown Toronto, checking out the ramp where scenes from Resident Evil 2 were shot(it’s actually City Hall), as well as attempting to find the Village. We got hopelessly lost. Or, moreso, we got turned around as to what part of the city we were actually in. So, only partially dejected, my friend(SHOT!) and I headed into Union Station to wait for the train.

Burlington is a cute little city. Marc, being the kind friend(SHOT!) he is, and his parents, made a wonderful supper for me. Over a glass of wine Marc’s mother and I had a lengthy and engaging conversation over investment in Saskatchewan’s economy and the consequences of the whole BHP Billiton kerfuffle. It was quite interesting to hear an opinion from someone in a different province as to that whole ordeal. Lots of times we think that news in our little old province doesn’t really escape our borders but this was by and large a huge national issue so it attracted the attention of many people.

And, as with most friends(SHOT!), I took Marc out to find geocache #4 of the trip just before we turned in back at his place and watched most of Season 3 of Drawn Together.  Marc is big into WoW(World of Warcraft for all those non-geeks out there) and some anime and he showed me this one web video someone had made making fun of one anime that liked using the word friend(SHOT!) and many of its variations. Hence, the drinking game.

Day 7 began with Marc and I headed back into Toronto to meet up with Greg who Woody'sI would be staying with that night. After dropping my bags off in Greg’s car we went down the street to the Village and had a few drinks and free food(YAY free!) at Woody’s, the bar that the bar of the same name on the Showcase show Queer as Folk was named and modeled after.  Once Greg’s friend(SHOT!) was home,View from Kenny's Place we went back, dropped off the keys to the garage and drove out towards the CN Tower. Tourist trap, probably. Expensive, hells yeah($28 just to go up to the observation deck). Worth it, definitely. By this time it was getting late, so we bid Marc adieu, and Greg and I headed off to Guelph for the night.

The next day, after sleeping in(we ended up  watching a couple movies – Splice and How to Train Your Dragon) we had a quick breakfast(which really should’ve been considered lunch considering is was nearly 2pm) and headed back to Toronto where I had a room booked at the Airport Travelodge. The plan was for us three(Marc, Greg, and I) to hang out, drink, and sleep in the hotel and not worry about waking up super early to get me to the airport for my flight.

And it would’ve gone off without a hitch had I realized that when I had my shower at Greg’s place, I had placed my passport/money holder on the hook in the bathroom . . . and forgot it there. Guelph is a good hour from Toronto. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have it until about ten minutes from the hotel.


Thankfully, Greg has a heart of gold, and a foot made of lead, as he dropped me off at the hotel and turned right around to go get it(and have a nap too, apparently). I’m so lucky to have a friend(SHOT!) like that.  Once he was back, and Marc was there too, the night became one filled with booze, pizza, and good times.

So, Marc and Greg, thanks for being such amazing friends(SHOT!) and making those last few days in Canada a complete joy. I couldn’t have asked for a better sendoff from Ontario.

CN Tower - Greg and I

CN Tower - Marc and I






Oh, and friend, friendship, friendly, friendliness, Best Friends Forever, friend friend friend friend.

Drunk yet?


  1. If I drank, I think I'd be drunk! Forgetting the passport would be mortifying!!! I'm glad you have such a great friend to retrieve it for you. It sounds like your time in Ontario was a hit. Now I can't wait to hear about your next adventure!

  2. Good thing you forgot your passport so early in the game and in such a safe situation. Now you've done it once, you're not likely to do it again. Keep up the blogging. I can't wait to hear more.

  3. Interesting that you remembered that Resident Evil 2 was shot at that location :) , sounds like youre going to need a liver by the time you come back with all the shots your doing ;). Take care kiddo and be safe!

  4. I love "How to Train your Dragon"!!! Oh and I think I am drunk now from your shot game.