The blog is not finished! But after the Theft (yes, capital letters), the want/need to update the blog took second fiddle to dealing with the Theft and just finishing the trip sans computer. Since being home, it's been hard to get that motivation to complete it. But I will. Ever so slowly. Please be patient!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 10, Stranger in a Strange Land

The following takes place on December 7, 2010

Having connections are great. It’s even better when it is your first time in a foreign country completely on your own. While the first week visiting Ottawa and the GTA were nice, they were by far baby steps. Once I stepped off that Delta airplane in Lima, the rules changed. I was in a completely different country. I was on a completely different continent.

After my initial reservations about my ability to do this trip before I fell asleep, I woke up feeling a bit more refreshed. The neighborhood I was in is not the safest. Indeed, I was told by Mauricio(Saul’s brother) that I should not leave once the sun House i stayed atstarts to set as it’s a very dangerous neighborhood.


I met Mauricio and Saul’s parents who don’t speak english very well, if at all. Through hand gestures and charades we figured out that they wanted me to eat breakfast which consisted of buns and cheese with warm soy milk. The soy milk here is way better than the soy milk back home. This stuff is amazing. I’m totally hooked.

When Mauricio got back from his English class he took me in his taxi down to the MirafMiraflores, Lima, Perulores area to let me wander around on my own. Miraflores is much more the tourist area and therefore a lot safer to wander. And wander I did.

I wandered through the downtown shopping district, stopping briefly to check the internet cafe for nearby hostels. I wandered down the streets, slowly getting used to the lack of rules when it came to drivers. There are crosswalks, but really you just wait until there are no cars coming long enough to let you across. Miraflores, Lima, Peru

After a bit of wandering I got my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. The smell of the salt water was a strange smell. Definitely a new sensation, but refreshing at the same time. I wandered down the extremely long staircase to the waters edge and just sat on the breakwater for about an hour, taking it all in. Breakwater Miraflores

Eventually, as the sun started setting over the water, I made my way back to the the business district to meet up with Mauricio, his girlfriend Korely, and his friend Jose. We all drove back to Mauricio’s place, made a very late supper and some Maracuya Pisco sour, and drank to our hearts content. Making pisco sour

All in all, a great way to start my journey in Lima, Peru.


  1. Pictures look amazing. I'm totally jealous. Don't forget suncreen!!!! Your doing a super job with the blog updates. Can't wait to read the next one. Travel safe and enjoy.

  2. Love those Pisco's. We have them at the lake with Esau's in the summer time. Look everyday for updates on your blog. Sounds like you are having fun. Be safe.
    Gramma and Papa

  3. Awesome! It does indeed sound like a great way to start your awesome adventure. :)