The blog is not finished! But after the Theft (yes, capital letters), the want/need to update the blog took second fiddle to dealing with the Theft and just finishing the trip sans computer. Since being home, it's been hard to get that motivation to complete it. But I will. Ever so slowly. Please be patient!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coming soon . . .

My apologies for the extreme lack of posts lately. It’s been a whirlwind last couple weeks with getting things together. Work has been getting me pretty exhausted, and I’ve been hanging out with friends as much as I can.  Add that to having dance classes a few nights a week, and taking a spanish class, and I’m one very busy boy.

Over the next little while I will be ramping up my posts towards my final night in Martensville, 25 days from now. It’s . . . surreal. But I’m starting to get really excited. Clothing is being purchased, and I have a reporter from the local newspaper coming over tomorrow for a little interview with me.

Future posts will include:

  • One more Auditor General’s Report right before my departure date
  • My two Christmas’ with the family
  • Why Russia, Mongolia, and China are cut off.
  • Final tentative route
  • Going Away Party shenanigans
  • And a few more . . .

The countdown is on!!!!!!

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