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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going Purple

In honour of all those children and people who have and are being bullied, Where's Waldner has joined the world in going purple for the next couple days.

No matter for what reason, be it sexual orientation, religion, skin colour, socio-economic status, nationality, or whatnot, bullying in any form is a cancer in our schools. To see such a rash of children being bullied to the point of wanting to, and succeeding in, killing themselves is disturbing and heartwrenching.

I grew up in a small town but was fortunate enough to have not suffered bullying to extent that some of my other friends have. I'm not sure why but am thankful that I did not have the torture that some children had to go through. The fear throughout high school that someone might find out I was gay and what they might do to me was torturous enough.

So to all those kids out there, be strong. To take from an often used cliche, you are beautiful just by being who you are. Screw those that would wish to hurt you with words or physical actions. Life will get better. And you will be a stronger person for having gone through it. You will soon leave behind high school and be able to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are.

The world is getting better. Life is getting better.

The Trevor Project
Bullying in Canada

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