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Monday, November 8, 2010

Auditor Generals Report Part 2

A few weeks/months ago, I posted a report about my current financial standings.  At that time, I was sitting at just under $20,000 after taking out the money I’d be spending on flights.  Since then there have been a few changes, most of which have been positive changes.

One of the first big changes was my boss at the pizza place sold the store. It was not a huge surprise as he had been looking to sell it for a number of months already. I was more surprised that it happened already as I didn’t really expect it to happen while I was still around. John was an amazing boss, probably one of the main reasons that my first job I ever got ended up lasting nearly 10 years, and I’m wishing him nothing but the best of luck in his new endeavors. How did this affect my financial calibrations? Well, John was planning on helping me out by paying me my vacation pay in small increments throughout the next year so I wouldn’t get dinged by income tax as much, as well as allowing me a small source of incoming income while I was traveling. Now that the store was closed, all the employees were technically fired by John, and rehired by the new owner. This forced John to have to pay everyone every cent of vacation pay they’ve racked up. The tax man taketh nearly $600 away. Ouch.

At my other job though, the one I was expecting to have to take my vacation pay($3300 worth) as one lump sum, a strange thing occured. Carolyn, the HR coordinator at the hotel, managed to work something out with the hotel accountant and, after filling out 23 vacation pay request forms, I will be getting $140 every two weeks from January until November of next year. YAY!

Another big change that occured happened when I talked to my Travel Agent for the last time. Because of rules for visa applications to Russia, I decided it was too much hassle and have opted to go through Turkey and India to South East Asia instead. With that new itinerary, the price of the RTW ticket dropped by about $700.  More money for the kitty!

So without further adieu:



Savings Account 1 $5132.95
Savings Account 2 $5020.00
Savings Account 3 $5000.00
Main Savings $12,934.99
Megan Owes $400.00
US Chequing Account CDN$1,979.60
TOTAL $30,467.54

Currently, the price of the RTW ticket will be in the range of $6606.94. Subtracting that from my total above gives me a savings thus far for this trip of $23,860.60!!  That’s a budget of about $1704.33 per month.

Holy crap!

If I add in my vacation pay that I have coming to me($140 every two weeks for 23 weeks),  it gives me a total of $27,080.60, or nearly $1950 per month.

To say I’m not worried about my money situation would be an understatement!

Life is good.

Three weeks to go!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!
    That budget would be princely in SE Asia.

  2. awesome! I love the numbers and details! GOOD JOB COREY -derek


    I have said I wish I were you?!
    Actually....I wanna shrink into your luggage. Yeah....that's what I want to do :D