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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It all comes down to this

Holy crap!!! I’m sitting here in bed, the weather is a beautiful –30 celcius outside, and I am officially 5 days away from leaving Martensville/Saskatoon for my trip around the world.

Five days already?? Where the hell did the time go??

Last week Wednesday was my last day working at Vern’s Pizza, where I had worked the past nine years. It was my first job, and it felt weird handing in my key(though not my uniform. . . that’s still in my room. If I can brave the cold, I’ll take it later today).  I really quite enjoyed working there, and I would have no problems going back once I am back from this trip. But that’s fourteen months from now. That’s a long time. Lots of things can happen.

Friday was the big day for me though. While having my last day at Vern’s was pretty big in and of itself, Friday was my last day at my other job at the hotel. As of 3pm on Friday I was done work totally and completely.

I love sleeping in! Though I should take advantage of not having to work by actually finishing getting stuff ready for this trip. I have a bad tendancy of procrastinating and this is not exactly the trip I want to accidentally forget something important. This isn’t a four day camping trip where I can shrug it off and be all “I can live without it for four days.”

I have been pretty productive though the last little bit since I quit work. I’ve visited friends, been taken out for supper and lunch by a bunch of people(I swear that the only thing I’m gaining before this trip this week is a bunch of weight), and had my going away party, which was awesome and I’ll go into detail in a later post this week. I’ve also helped my mom clean up underneath the stairs in order to fit all my crap under there. I still have a few things to put under there, but it should be fairly simple to just shove it under on Saturday before I go. I’ve got a pretty large pile of junk that is headed to either the recycling depot or to Value Village. But again, that requires having to go outside, and I really don’t want to. I don’t even wanna get out from under my covers right now.

Five more days!

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  1. Don't worry about forgetting anything. There is nothing you can't buy on the road. For real.

    Relax and enjoy your last days in cold Saskatoon...