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Friday, February 5, 2010

Finalizing the Home Front

One of the major pre-trip considerations I must face is with what to do regarding the bills and payments I have amassed.

Leaving for fourteen months with little more than a 60L backpack means that I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the stuff I'm leaving behind. I am very lucky, compared to many who embark on such a trip, to be living rather cheaply with my mother. First while finishing up my degree at the University of Saskatchewan, and now with saving up for my trip. As such, attempting to sell my place is not something I'm concerned about.

My possessions are a little more complicated. I have a few options open to me. I can always just leave my room the way it is(or at least, make sure it's tidy and clean before I leave), or I can pack everything up and put it in storage at my grandmothers farm or in a storage locker.

When leaving on a trip such as the one I'm taking, it's important, if just a little morbid, to consider the worst case scenario. My friend Dan has helped a lot in understanding just how easy a legal will is to make. Figuring out what should be in the will is another thing altogether. I've got ideas already as to where any excess money would go(AIDS Saskatoon and other worthwhile charities in Saskatoon), my 300+ books(The local library in Martensville), and my clothing(donated to the Diabetes or Cancer Society of Saskatchewan). Picking an executor is on a level on its own. I want someone I can trust to do as I wish, someone that knows me, but that can make level-headed decisions during what could be a trying time.

Assuming, of course, that people aren't celebrating. I'm sure I'm liked :)

One does not necessarily need a lawyer(or heaven forbid one of those DIY Will Kits) if your assets are fairly simple. Though, I would imagine the more assets and stuff to go through, the better you are to actually get a lawyer to help with that. In my case, and probably lots of others, you only need a piece of paper, written in your own hand saying something to the effect of "I, Corey Waldner, being of sound mind . . . ". Date it, sign it, make copies and TELL people where the copies are so they can find it should they have to.

Back to the living and the now though.

The possession I have that is going to give me the most problems is my vehicle. I currently own a 2004 Hyundai Accent which, at the start of my trip, will have one month over 2 years left of payments left on it. I am not even interested in making any money off of it. I just want to transfer the payments to someone that wants/needs a vehicle. It's a tough one, and one that will probably give me a couple sleepless nights once September turns into October.

There's still many things I need to figure out to get my affairs in order before I leave. I just have to have a level-head when doing so and not panic.

At least not yet.

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