The blog is not finished! But after the Theft (yes, capital letters), the want/need to update the blog took second fiddle to dealing with the Theft and just finishing the trip sans computer. Since being home, it's been hard to get that motivation to complete it. But I will. Ever so slowly. Please be patient!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photo Book - November/December 2010

Now that I'm home, I've been going through my thousands of photos, reliving the adventure. On the suggestion of Val, whom I had traveled with in Cambodia, I decided to make photobooks. One book per month. 16 books total, once I have all my photos(my laptop has been recovered and is in the safe hands of my friend Steve).

So here's the first! November/December of 2010


  1. Ah just went through it all... I love it. I wanna make something like this when I am done traveling.

  2. Waaa! I wasn't able to view it directly on your site, but did manage to take a peek by clicking through to the Blurb site.

    In a word: Beautiful!

    But looks like LOTS of work to edit/put it together. I believe there's lots of sites to make a book from your entire blog - instantly. Have you checked any of those out?

  3. @Jaime - Thanks stud! It's definitely fun and a great way to relive the entire trip all over again. Plus it's a better way of showing people photos than just sitting them in front of a computer as you click through to find the best ones.

    @Dyanne - Thanks for the compliment! This is just the first book. I've made two more since and I am finding that the more I work with the program, the more creative and fun I am becoming in regards to layout and such.

    It is a lot of work. Each book is taking me almost a month to finish, but that's also a product of not working on it everyday. Blurb does have the option to just pull your whole blog and place it into book fashion, and I plan to do that eventually. However, with the photos, I don't mind putting in all this time and effort into it. It's like a labour of love!