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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Days 24-25, How to Recover from a Canyon Trek

The following takes place between December 21 and December 22, 2010

After two days of grueling work, one really needs something to do to recover. Especially when ones feet has been subjected to a multitude of injuries(and ones ass as well after a two and a half hour mule ride. Get your mind out of the gutter Mark).

Now that we were back at the hostel in Arequipa(in a private room no less), Patrick and I embarked on some interesting ways of attempting to recover.

Day 1, December 21 – Drink the pain away

The first official day of summer had myself and the hostel owner heading out around noon to buy me some new hiking shoes. After the ones I had before completely bit the bullet, the owner, Reg(or something like that. I have a hard time understanding these Spanish accents with their names), volunteered to take me to a good area for shoes and help me pick out a good pair.

I really wish I had taken my camera with me as the way the shops were set up was quite something to behold. It was like a warehouse, with tiny shops set up like a trade show. Shoes were lined up on their toes on shelves all the way to the roof. And there were literally dozens upon dozens of these little booths to wander past. Eventually we found a pair that Reg considered both good for hiking, and at a good price(not jacked up because I was a white tourist). So, for S/.158, or Cdn$56, I had a new pair of hiking shoes which would have cost me easily triple had I purchased them in Canada.

Walking back to the hostel, we ran into Patrick who was on his way to find something to eat so we joined him and had a wonderful little meal. Then, the fun began, as Reg suggested we go for “one beer” at the same Salsa club I had gone to a few nights before. So into a taxi we went, heading for the club at around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Beer here is cheap, and large. For about Cdn$3, you get three bottles that are about 637ml each. Over the course of about three and a bit hours, we all had about four. By the third, we had joined another table and were convinced to dance. Poor Patrick. Dances like a white boy. Really kinda cute though. Me, on the other hand, completely shocked the Peruvian girls with the fact that I, a white boy from Canada, knew how to dance salsa, and could dance it well. Even completely half cut.

By 7:30-8ish, we were done. Reg and I hopped in a taxi, leaving Patrick with the girls as it looked like he’d be getting lucky with one(he didn’t, he was too drunk). Back at the hostel, I had a fairly interesting conversation with my friend Chris on Skype which I think I regret. . . though I don’t quite remember most of the conversation. So, umm. . . I’m sorry?

Patrick was way worse off than I. When he got back, he pretty much passed out. However, that didn’t last long, as he was up nearly once an hour to go throw up. I slept like a baby, and had no hangover the next morning. Must be those Canadian genes.

Day 2, December 22 – Shut the world out

After moving out of the private room, back to the dorm(and after Patrick finally dragged himself out of bed), I decided that that particular night of excitement was a bit more than enough for myself. I said adieu to Patrick as he left to stay with his dad and brother who had arrived in Arequipa the day before, and proceeded to nest.

I only left the hostel that day to go to the grocery store for some more Gloria liquid yogurt(that stuff is to die for!) and to have a quick bite to eat. The rest of the day I spent laying in my bunk bed, downloading episodes of Fringe and Glee to watch.

Really. That’s all I did.

I’m in Arequipa, Peru and I spent an entire day in bed watching TV.

I love my life.

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  1. I think you need to keep a seperate diary to keep track of all the shoes you need to buy on this trip. I think that's where your money will be spent.
    Sounds like all that salsa dancing finally paid off. You showed them what a good old Canadian white boy could do...even when he was half cut. Too funny, Corey!
    That staying in bed and watching TV thing sounds great to me. Are you caught up on Glee? Did you get to watch the Christmas show? I loved Sue The Grinch! I sure miss my "Glee" buddy!