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Sunday, August 8, 2010

What two double rye and coke’s get you . . .

Right this very moment I am sitting on the balcony of my condo, finishing off the last of my second double rye and coke(and contemplating a third) and really just enjoying the utter calm and peace that is surrounding me. The last few weeks have probably been the most trying, most emotionally taxing, and most heartwrenching of my life. I really won’t get into massive details about it all as it’s not really travel related, but I will say that it all basically boils down to a guy, unrequited love, and the sickening realization that the small “r” relationship you shared with him for the past year(one year exactly on Tuesday)  is over.

It wasn’t that we were dating, but it was the closest I’ve ever had to a big “R” relationship, and the end of that particular segment of our friendship[with benefits] is something that I’ve had a hard time dealing with. But with the help of good friends(and not just Jose Cuervo and Jack Daniels, although they have been very kind to me), I am getting over it. And really, he’s making an effort to go on, to move on, to be friends regardless of the change, so I guess the least I can do is suck it up, get over my love for him, and be the friend that he deserves and I want to be for him.

What’s strange is how much this whole ordeal has really pushed to the forefront of my mind of how little time I have left here(and maybe at the same time, increased the turmoil exponentially inside my head, knowing that, with so little time left, the one thing I thought I would have until the moment I left is gone already. Even thoughts of whether I will have enough opportunities to hang out with him as a friend before I go worry me. But I digress. . . ). The app on my ipod touch says I have 103 days until my last day of work and 112 days until I leave Saskatoon. And it’s nights like this that I’m going to miss the most.

Bright, gorgeous, just a tiff of a breeze, enough to make the sunburn I am invariably getting seem less painful.

With so little time left(and really, 112 days is going to go by so fast), it’s come to the point where I need to start shifting my focus a lot more towards preparations for the trip. Yeah, I’ve had my moments where I was all gung ho, that all I thought about was the trip. But that’s really gone by the wayside lately. The urgency just wasn’t there. There was always “lots of time.” Not so anymore.

Gear Update

Two days ago, I got my backpack. I spent two hours at The Outter Limits store on Broadway in Saskatoon, trying on different packs, getting sized, flirting with the cute clerk who was helping me(seriously, another straight guy? I need to reevaluate my standards). In the end, I bought this:  A North Face Terra 65L backpack. It’s absolutely amazing. Fits like a charm. My only qualm is that they only had the full black one in my size. I woulda prefered the blue and black one but really, that’s just aestetics and means nothing in the long run. I have my backpack and that’s all that matters.


The one thing I know I will need to start actively pursuing, somehow, are the Visas I need before leaving Canada. Right now, I believe the only one I have to get before I leave is the visa for Russia. Provided that the information I got from the Russian Embassy in Ottawa is correct, I can apply for a Russian visa anytime that I have my travel plans set(*snort*). In my case, I will apply with a rough estimate of what 30 day span I think I might be in Russia. But, if my research proves accurate, I may try for a 90 day Business Visa. Gives me that much more leeway on when to enter and leave the country.  Stay tuned for updates on this avenue.

I’m DONE!!!! At least, for the needle portion. I have the possibility of doing the Cholera/Traveller’s Diarrhoea immunization via an over the counter, drink immunization. I don’t mind really. Ten needles altogether since January is more than enough for me.  I finished a couple weeks ago with my booster for Hep A with Typhoid. Still had to lay on the floor, but both myself and the nurses at the travel clinic are used to that. A little bit of a running joke.

Side note: Just saw some lightning in the distance. Another thing I’ll miss about Saskatchewan. No where else on earth do you get storms like what we have here.  Must keep an eye on the clouds so I’m not caught in a sudden rainstorm with my netbook.

And, last week, I recieved a letter from the University Hospital informing me that I have been successfully immunized against the Rabies virus. After getting the three pre-exposure immunizations I had to go get blood taken a month after the last shot in order to test for the rabies antibodies and make sure my body is producing enough. I am! 6.70 IU/mL worth! . . . whatever that means.

So yeah, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty here. Regardless of the personal drama unfolding in my life, I need to make the most of the time left with the people I love(including him).

And now the wind is picking up, the temperature is dropping fast, and the thunder is getting louder so it’s time to pack up the computer, the booze(nah, I’ll just chug what’s left), and take down the patio umbrella.

Until next time fair Readers.

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  1. I was thinking about Russia also but everything I read made it sound like the visa is very hard to get. I will eagerly await your post on how that goes.

    I just got my TDAP/MMR Boosters, Typhoid, Polio last week. I got my Hep B as a kid and Hep A on my China trip in 2006. I was thinking about getting rabbies shots but they were so damn expensive.

    I like those Terra bags also, I have been looking at the 40L but I think I am gonna go with the Osprey Kestrel 38L. They have a lot of selection at Wholesale Sports also.