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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I got a postcard!

One of the things I’ve been doing while gearing up for my trip is to put together my own list of other travel bloggers, both those already traveling and those just about to leave. One of these blogs that I recently(read: a month and some weeks ago) found is written by a couple gents in the UK. Thom and Sean are a couple who are leaving on a year long trip around the world beginning in a little over a month. With that slight background information laid out, let me get to the reason for this post.
You see, Thom and Sean came into possession of a number of vintage postcards(and I apologize to you guys as I forget whose grandfather you got it from). They came up with this absolutely brilliant idea to offer to send these postcards out to other people leaving on their own RTW trip. And seeing as I love free/cheap stuff(my favourite places to shop are Walmart and Value Village. . . sorry Dan) I jumped at the opportunity and sent them my mailing address.
A few weeks later, on my birthday actually, my postcard arrived! There is something to be said, in this day and age of emails and IM, about getting actual mail in the mail that isn’t bills or junk. It’s crazy rare, but when it comes it’s always a pleasant surprise. This particular postcard comes with a precondition, however. Now that I have it in my possession, I must take pictures of it at home and post a blog entry(Ta da!).
Beer, postcard, Brooks and Dunn Concert
Well, Thom and Sean, here you are. This first picture is at the recent Brooks and Dunn concert that was in town. What is more Saskatchewan(ian) than beer and country music?  I certainly can’t think of anything!
Well, maybe add in a curling match with everyone wearing Saskatchewan Roughriders jerseys and you’d pretty much be hitting the threshold of what makes Saskatchewan Saskatchewan.
But, alas and alack, I need more. I am a perfectionist. There are so many places in this city I could show(And I just might in a later post. A tourist in my home city. Hmm. . . interesting idea). In the end, I thought of my job at the hotel. Where would I send someone just visiting the city? What would I suggest they see if they only had time to visit one landmark? That answer is simple - the Weir.
Saskatoon skyline pelicans at weir2 me at weir
So, Thom and Sean, I would like to thank you ever so much for the postcard. It was a very cool, albeit unintentional, birthday present. I wish you luck as you begin your journey.
And if you happen to decide to stray a little north of your route while in the USA, I’ve certainly got a few other places on my “Must see while in Saskatoon” list.
Just sayin’.
ps. Click on the pictures! I think y’all be very pleasantly surprised at what I, one of the most computer illiterate person around, managed to figure out. Mind you it took nearly five hours, but still. Yay me!


  1. Hey Corey,

    that's fantastic, so glad that it arrived on your birthday, what fantastic luck!

    Thanks for showing the card a great time in your home town :)

    Thom and Sean

  2. Very cool! Have you ever heard of Postcrossing? Basically a site where you send/receive postcards to/from random people from all around the world. It's perfect for those of us who love getting mail, and also for those of us who love traveling!