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Monday, May 3, 2010

Into a new [quarter] Century

A lot can happen in 25 years. In the last 25 years we’ve seen the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany, the rise of Quebec Separatism here in Canada as well as Western Alienation, we’ve seen natural disasters of the likes never seen before, and we’ve seen the world plunge unwillingly into an era bookended by the attacks on 9/11. And 25 years ago last Friday, April 30, I was born. While not a fully momentous occasion in the grand scheme of things, it’s pretty important to me . . . for, well, obvious reasons. 

It is a pretty important milestone to hit, this Quarter-Centennial Birthday, much like a teen’s 16th birthday(“I can go for my driver’s licence!!”) or 19th(“I can get wasted. . . . legally!!!”). There’s no real societal gain with turning 25. This one is purely symbolic. And for me, I think it is a rather poignant symbolism. I’m down to just under seven months before I leave on my round-the-world trip and am already feeling the effects it is having on myself as a person. I know I am changing. The person I am in this new era of my life will be completely different from the one I was in the first quarter century of my time on Earth.

This, compounded with some personal issues, probably contributed to my somewhat lackluster celebration of my birthday on Friday. So I am writing myself a letter, because it’s just that much easier:

Happy Birthday Corey!

Well, take a look at that calendar. Are you nervous yet? Something tells me there is a resounding “Hell yeah” screaming in that brain of yours. I certainly hope you’re nervous, otherwise this trip will not be the experience that you really want it to be.

Let me be frank. You’re a bit of a loner in social situations. I understand the whole self-image issues that you have. But look at yourself. In less than four months you’ve lost nearly 40 pounds!! That’s at least two large bags of russet potatoes! Listen to Dan. You’re skiiiiinnnnay! Or at least, very much well on your way. I know you still don’t see it when you look in the mirror. You still see the fat kid, the one that’s great for a friend but never anything more. You need to shake that idea out of your head. Those guys at the bar, do you honestly care what they think? The amount of product they put in their hair is probably messing with their cognitive functions. And when you are skinnier, and they suddenly start to magically pay attention to you, I hope you understand that it is only because they are shallow. If they were really interested in you as a person, and not just a one-night fling because you’re hot, then they would’ve approached you already. Unless of course you are looking for a one night fling, then by all means!

Included in that is your confidence. Seriously Corey. . . man up and take charge sometime. You are so afraid and concerned about other peoples feelings that you ALWAYS neglect yours. You’re awesome at covering when you’re feeling down, but that just ain’t healthy man. If you see something(or someone, I’m not judging) that you want, GO FOR IT! The most you have to lose is a few minutes of time and the question that will forever pervade your mind by asking “What if I had done this. . . “

You have done amazing things in the first 25 years of your life. You finished a university degree for pete’s sake! First one in your family to do so. And now look at you. In two years you held down two jobs, went to school, AND managed to save up over $20 thousand dollars for a trip around the world. Have you actually thought about that? You’re going around the world!! How many people do you know can say that? Sure there will be friends and people who will scoff or chastise you for being so reckless with your money (“You can just put a down payment on a house with that money and then get a career”) but instead of getting mad at them, just try to understand that people have different priorities. You will regret not doing the trip more than you will regret delaying the “responsibility” era of your life.

Besides, what fun is responsibility anyways?

Yup, that’s right. I’m the bad influence!

Love you as always,


Oh, and PS, you got a postcard in the mail from Thom and Sean( Don’t forget to do a post about that. With pictures. You know, with that new camera you bought.


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