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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

“How can you afford this?!”

That question is probably the most common one I have been asked, especially when people find out that I am also paying for university tuition as well(oh, and rent and a car). The answer is simple; I sacrificed my social life to an extent.

I became extremely controlling of my finances, knowing exactly when and where my money would go. My full time job at the hotel went for bills and general fun. My part time job as a pizza cook went directly into a savings account for my trip. As well, most of my tips from the hotel went to my trip account as well. I say most as it was very easy to just use the bucket filled with coins and bills instead of my debit card. It became a hard and fast rule though that once a set of coins were rolled, they were untouchable.

If one is really determined to save up for a trip you can. It doesn’t take much for the money to start adding up. Instead of going for the second(or third) Timmie’s run, throw that change into a jar and DON’T touch it. Set up an automatic withdrawal into a separate savings account on the day your paycheque goes into your account. You won’t miss that money because you don’t notice you actually had it in the first place.

One of the fastest and easiest ways, if you are seriously intent on saving up for a trip, is to get a part time second job. Work as much, or as little, as you like. I will say this though: Be wary of how much you get per cheque at the lower job. Many jobs will not take taxes off if you make below a certain amount per cheque. However, when tax time comes around, and your incomes are merged, you will find that you actually owe way more than you put in. To remedy this is simple. Talk to the person in charge of your workplaces payroll, both jobs, and have them set it up so you have extra taxes taken off. While you may not get this money back as a refund, you will not have to worry about the government after your ass to pay them more in April.

Probably not best to start your trip running from the government on tax evasion.

Unless you’re Richard Hatch.

And now, I’m craving a Timmie’s Double Double. Dammit.

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